I approached therapy with apprehension: I struggled to identify what problems I actually faced and was sceptical about how successful it would be. Being from an ethnic/religious minority background, I’ve always been hesitant with opening up about the ways in which this has impacted me, but Julie’s cultural sensitivity, wider awareness and her previous experience with these topics meant I was so quickly reassured. She always remained respectful, understanding, non judgmental, open-minded and well informed, and I’d without a doubt recommend her.

We worked on issues regarding disordered eating and body image ..  I loved the dynamic mix of approaches we used in session, from mapping out deeper childhood experiences to working through books, to in-session exercises. Throughout the course of the sessions, my mood started changing visibly. By the end of the year I had grown naturally happier, friends and family noticed I laughed more, and I suddenly found myself with lots of time to develop myself and enjoy hobbies. I’m forever grateful for Julie for helping me to discover freedom and realise how much more there is to life!  A massive thank you!