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Online or face to face services available for organisations, senior leaders, individual staff, volunteers and teams:

Professional Therapy/Counselling*

Professional therapy utilising person-centred, cognitive behavioural and solution focussed therapeutic approaches, dependent on what issues you bring to therapy and the type of approach you are looking for.  Counselling always seeks to understand the individual’s worldview. Incorporation into the therapy of an individual’s personal faith will be client-led.

Pastoral Supervision*

Differing from professional counselling, these sessions seek to aid leaders’ emotional health by providing a confidential and supportive space to talk. Sessions may be used to ‘off-load’ work/organisational pressures, discuss personnel issues, debrief critical incidents in the organisation, manage work/life balance and personal well-being.

These sessions are offered as a one-off or a regular (ie monthly, bi-monthly) booking.

Annual ‘Mental Health MOT’*

These sessions can be accessed by the senior leader, individual staff or volunteers to monitor mental and emotional well-being at a yearly interval.  The session will include assessment of the presence of any symptoms anxiety or low mood out of the normal range (by using standardised questionnaires) and psycho-educational advice and signposting, discussion around emotional, physical (and spiritual**) health.

**where applicable.

Critical Incident Debriefing*

Sessions are available to individuals and teams following a critical incident or season in the organisation ie death, traumatic incident, personnel crises.

*Sessions are charged at £50 per hour or £60 for 1.5 hours.  Fees for teams on discussion.

Consultancy (fees on discussion)

Consultancy services on an ad hoc or as an ongoing arrangement to advise/consult on issues of complexity with regards to mental health, risk of harm to self/others, mental health issues or personnel.

Training (fees on discussion)

Training is offered broadly around the topic of mental and emotional well-being in a faith-based context.

Examples of training include:

Delivery of inspiring and empowering training, both face to face and online, to teams large and small and for events and conferences.

  • Pastoral Team Training
    Ie:  Helping People navigate Loss and Bereavement, Basic listening skills, Recognising signs and symptoms of mental health issues,  Self Harm and suicide, Managing risk, Depression and Anxiety Upskill, How to maintain positive mental health
  • Training Days for teams
  • Mental Health Awareness for the community
  • Conferences (½ or full day)

Each organisation and event is unique and I am very happy to discuss with you, prior to booking, the unique needs of your organisation and community and will tailor sessions and content to your requirements.

Most services are available either online (via Zoom) or in-person

Fees can be paid by an individual or by invoicing the organisation on agreement

Concessionary fees may be available on discussion